I'm not a cool person
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I’m stuck in a restaurant so I doodled a sakuya on a napkin

ok I’m on mobile so I can’t undercut this but I’m 99% sure my computers broken. The screen started glitching out and now when I try to turn it on it just gives me a black screen whenever I select start windows normally… It had all my art files and programs and important things on it and now I can’t even back it up I just feel like falling down the stairs and breaking something and on top of that my phones breaking too everything’s breaking I’m so mad I’m sorry I just needed to let this out but if anyone has suggestions for fixin my computer that would be really helpful..

idk man

I’m pretty sure I have never drawn her so here have a Tojiko

tfw you’re 700% sure everyone hates you

hey yo

i will sell my legs to go to touhoucon

oh man

I love this cast too much


i have no idea what i was doing

ok ok

i felt like doodling mamizou

asklirel asked: kyouko and sayaka miki (madoka magica )in #6 please


i don’t believe i have ever drawn these two before