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Anonymous asked: hi!! i really feel like an idiot, but where do you play touhou?? i know theres this thing called a pc-98 and im not really sure where to get that,, can you just download the game on a computer? (im on my ipad so) or do you read through it/watch walkthroughs? (i really dont want to do that though)

It’s fine!! To answer your question on PC-98, those were the before windows era games that require an emulator to play. Now, if you want to play the games, you can go and buy them (not sure where, probably on amazon or smth, it would be helpful if someone could fill me in on that). You could also download them from here. That’s where you can find all of them and more. You do have to download them, i have not seen a site where you can play them without doing so. There are playthroughs you can find on youtube, but it’s honestly a game you have to play for yourself. It’s a bullet hell type game so it’s you shooting bullets and going against various mobs of fairies and such that shoot at you and bosses that do the same but stay around longer and cast spell cards. You have spell cards too and you can pick up power ups and such when you beat fairies and bosses. There are also fighting games that are available on the site i linked above. I hope this helped!!



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ok I’m on mobile so I can’t undercut this but I’m 99% sure my computers broken. The screen started glitching out and now when I try to turn it on it just gives me a black screen whenever I select start windows normally… It had all my art files and programs and important things on it and now I can’t even back it up I just feel like falling down the stairs and breaking something and on top of that my phones breaking too everything’s breaking I’m so mad I’m sorry I just needed to let this out but if anyone has suggestions for fixin my computer that would be really helpful..

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