I'm not a cool person
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chomp chomp chomp



No, people. Let’s be smart and bring it off.

Oh, so now the talking Christmas tree is gonna preach to us!

please watch my masterpiece 

happy cirno day!!



My masterpiece unveiled

it’s only the first day of school and I’ve already been called a weeaboo

a lil byak holding a darumaka for all your lil byak holding a darumaka needs


what the heck ricken is god?! I go to church now!

does nintendo seriously think most of us have enough money for ANOTHER FUCKING 3DS SYSTEM THAT’S PROBABLY NO BETTER THAN THE CURRENT ONE

that’s bullshit

the queen of my heart



Bara Crossing.

im gonna put this sign in my room and maybe the baras will get confused and visit me

Flandre can’t party with us